The 10-year-old US soccer sensation and social media star snapped up by Roma | Lawrence Ostlere

Alessandro Cupini has more than 40,000 followers on Instagram and his own pitch in his basement in Kansas City which he will soon be leaving to join the Serie A club, getting around Fifa’s youth regulations thanks to dual-citizenshipIn the south of Kansas City on a corner of 43rd Avenue there is an Italian restaurant called Cupini’s. Eddie Cupini and his father, Franco, have dedicated nearly 15 years to serving up the best pasta in town (“just like my mom used to make,” says Franco), earning a few awards along the way. But soon they will be leaving behind the restaurant and the life they have built in America.Eddie’s 10-year-old son, Alessandro, has signed up to Roma’s esteemed academy. Alessandro is something of a social media sensation with more than 40,000 followers on Instagram and a dedicated YouTube channel showcasing his prodigious talent, all managed by his father. He even has a nickname: The Wolf. “A lion and a tiger are mean but you can’t take a wolf to the circus,” Eddie explains. Continue reading…

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